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"Blessed is the muddlehead. His brains never disturb him." —Leo Markum

Communist or capitalist, it’s always SOMEBODY ELSE who runs the show. Start stealing from both! You’re going to die anyway! Your obliterated atoms won’t care what side you were on!

modern Satanists:

"Unlike those fascist Christian breeder normies, we Satanists believe in equality of humankind, not being hypocrites, saying you're sorry when you have done wrong, not being judgmental, loving people even if they hate you, and that a WOMAN can give birth to a GOD or GODDESS."

Science Based Medicine has taken down Harriet Hall's review of Shrier's book. If anyone wants to write up this story and needs help with showing l the anti science views on SBM I would be happy to help write.

"Aren't you proud of your job as a professional Communist? I am proud of my job as a professional prostitute. We both have to make a living. You sell Communism, I sell love! Men get more out of me than they get out of you, if you won't get offended by me saying so."

--from Enrico Arrigoni's "Totalitarian Nightmare"

Who knew "carbon neutral by 2020" was a dry-run for "gender neutral by 2030"?

"That's progress?
No. It's crap. You know deep inside that it is."
-- Fred Woodworth, "The Match" Issue 122

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Eagle and Serpent

The proudest animal under the sun, and the wisest animal under the sun,—they have come out to reconnoiter.