modern Satanists:

"Unlike those fascist Christian breeder normies, we Satanists believe in equality of humankind, not being hypocrites, saying you're sorry when you have done wrong, not being judgmental, loving people even if they hate you, and that a WOMAN can give birth to a GOD or GODDESS."

"Osho, can you tell me about the American system of government?"

Is to gouche to find a meme on twitter and toot on Mastodon?

I do vermicomposting for my vegetable garden. One of the looniest things I do is make frozen worm food cakes.

Coffee from two coffee pods, actual worm food from the professional worm people, fresh whey from the yogurt I just made, and some frozen vegetable scraps.
Put all that in a Ninja blender and fill up the silicone molds and put that in the freezer for a few hours. Then I pull them out of the mould and into a freezer bag. I use these when I don't have more fresh stuff at the ready.

Got two of my raised beds set up, but now I've got to get a LOT of dirt for them...

One of the better cans of sardines I've had. About two or three times a year, this, with some table water crackers, make a perfect meal.

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Eagle and Serpent

The proudest animal under the sun, and the wisest animal under the sun,—they have come out to reconnoiter.