This image is fake... Most people are too dumb to get over the breaking point.

@LukeAlmighty @isaac at a certain point you also get the knowledge that overthinking and worrying isn't good if it's making you unhappy and stressing you out and become happy again. you can't claim to be a philosopher unless you realize that what you philosophize is ultimately fragile and usually beyond the scope of your control, and you can still live with that knowledge while also not dwelling on it too much. focus on the things that do make you happy and the things that can be changed as according to your ability.

@beardalaxy @isaac
yeah, but as I said, most normies will never get to the 1st peak.

And accepting the existencial dread is not the same as finding a meaning everyone hoped for.

@isaac reminds me of this young fellow, socrates. it's cool though, because after he drank the hemlock, he got to become some sort of oyster, living on the seabed.

i guess that's why those mugs are so tangy.

@isaac just say "all I know is that I know nothing" and the journey resets itself
@orekix @isaac It's impossible to judge where I stand on the path of philosophy, but eventually it comes back to looking with your eyes and listening with your ears. For the modern world we'll make the assumption that screens and speakers aren't your eyes or ears. Appreciating and maintaining yourself, the good things around you, and the relationships with people in the analog world is what is plausible for you to do, and will be the sturdiest source of fullfillment for most people. Seeking enligthenment or skill is a source of happiness too, but only if they can be used to somehow eventually strengthen others as well. These are broad definitions and are not limited to essential life support, necessarily. All that is to say, take the continuity and community pill.
@isaac @orekix i fell down the philosophy rabbit hole one year and realised its all fairly useless. ive achieved enlightenment
@isaac @orekix not literally useless but im able to focus on practical shit now
@isaac that only happens if you only read a particular (postmodern) subset of philosophy, excluding the other parts.
@isaac This is what happened with me deep diving into Buddhism.
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